Trinity Baseball – based at Thurman Hutchins Park

Head Coach:  Rick Arnold ‘86  (3rd season)

2016 finish:  29-6, District Champion, 1st round Region loss to Male

Returning Starters:

Brandon Pfaadt RHP/3B, Senior; Matthew Higgins OF, Senior; Brody Heil LHP/OF, Senior; Clayton Mehlbauer SS/3B Senior; Price Adams RHP, Senior; Mike Blair 1B/OF/DH, Senior; Ben Metzinger C/SS/2B, Junior; AJ Arnold OF/1B/C, Junior

Season Outlook:

Trinity returns several starters and lots of experience from last year’s squad. Challenges for this year will be to replace our #1 starting pitcher, along with our middle infielders and two of our starting outfielders. The pitching staff will be anchored by 3 experienced and very talented seniors in Brandon Pfaadt, Brody Heil and Price Adams.  Together, they combined to win 19 games last year and had a 1.52 ERA. Several juniors along with a couple sophomores and/or freshman will compete for innings as well.

The Rocks should be explosive offensively with leading hitter, Matthew Higgins, back for his senior season. Seniors Clayton Mehlbauer and Mike Blair, along with returning juniors Ben Metzinger and AJ Arnold, and newcomers Hunter David, Dillon Byerly, Jared Bryant and several others provide confidence in our offense. The players are pushing each other really hard in the cage and on the field during off season workouts and have improved in every aspect of the game.

Coach Arnold believes pitching and defense are still the key at the high school level and feels confident his team is up to the challenge. The team has worked really hard all year in the classroom, during workouts and in the in the weight room. The 2017 season holds much promise for the Baseball Rocks.

2016 Teams

(Front Row L to R) Jared Bryant, Thomas King, Nick Carroll, Noah Baugher, mgr Addison Phillips, Dylan Byerly, Max Medley, Caden Johnson, Doug Stough

(Middle Row L to R) Clayton Mehlbauer, Ben Metzinger, Coach Bernie Hollkamp, Coach Rick Arnold, Coach Ryan Wheat Coach Sean Duggins, Coach Jack Littrell, Hunter David

(Back Row L to R) Nick Parrish, Mike Blair, Matt Higgins, Brandon Pfaadt, Adam Weining, AJ Arnold, Price Adams, Matt Ramser, Brody Heil



(Front Row L to R) Bryce Dreher, Luke Harlan, Drake Schurman, Alex Woosley, Luke Reed, Cameron Hennessey, Connor Hyland

(Middle Row L to R) Coach Sean Fuggins, Madison Downey, Brett Pfaadt, Ricardo Martinez, Braden Berry, David Turner, Coach Zach Riney

(Back Row L to R) Seth Jutz, Grant Brunstetter, Kaelin Racculia, Grant Perry, Drake Kawa, Eric Harbrecht

(Front Row L to R) Bryce Dreher, Luke Harlan, Ryan Allen, Jackson Granger, Trent Youngblood, Luke Reed, Cooper French, Corbin Grantham, Alston Hiemer, Zach Watkins

(Middle Row L to R) Drake Schurman, Cameron Wuest, Will Kempf, Coach Mike Crabtree, Coach Dayton Ruasch, Coach Jay Tandy, Collin Schappe, Nicholas Pesce

(Back Row L to R) Braden Berry, Seth Jutz, Collin McCarthy, Jack Orthober, Kaelan Racculia, Jackson Case, Davis Crane, Madison Downey, Lucas Murphy


Baseball Team Schedules

03/08/17WedShelby CountyThurman Hutchins5:30 PMW 10-0
03/13/17MonCollinsCollins6:00 PMW 17-0
03/15/17WedFern CreekThurman Hutchins7:15 PMCNC
03/16/17ThuOldham CountyThurman Hutchins5:30 PMW 6-5
03/18/17SatSt. XavierSt. Xavier9:00 AMW 13-8
03/18/17SatPA - TrinitySt. Xavier11:30 AMW 11-0
03/21/17TueJ'TownJ'Town7:30 PMW 12-3
03/24/17FriFairdaleFairdale5:00 PMW 11-0
03/25/17SatMadison CentralMadisonCentral11:00 AMW 5-2
03/27/17MonHinsdale Central HS, IllinoisThurman Hutchins6:00 PMRO
03/29/17WedPlainfield Central HS, IllinoisThurman Hutchins5:00 PMW 11-1
03/31/17FriFarragut HS, TNMount Juliett HS, TN5:30 PMW 13-1
04/01/17SatChristin Brothers, TNMount Juliett HS, TN9:00 AMW 5-1
4/1/2017SatHouston HS, TNMount Juliett HS, TN11:30 AMT 4-4
4/3/2017MonSilver CreekThurman Hutchins6:00 PMRO
4/6/2017ThuPlainfield SouthThurman Hutchins5:30 PMT 6-6
4/7/2017FriHamilton SoutheasternThurman Hutchins3:00 PML 0-3
4/7/17FriColumbus NorthThurman Hutchins5:30 PML 3-5
4/8/17SatZionsvilleThurman Hutchins12:30 PMW 2-1
4/8/17SatRoncalliThurman Huthcins3:00 PML 6-7
4/11/2017TueWaggenerWaggener5:00 PMRO
4/12/2017WedPRPPRP5:00 PMW 10-0
4/15/2017SatDeSalesThurman Hutchins3:00 PMW 16-4
4/17/2017MonSt. XavierSlugger Field6:00 PML 0-4
4/18/2017TueAthertonThurman Hutchins5:30 PMW 9-1
4/19/2017WedMaleThurman Hutchins5:30 PMW 6-1
4/22/2017SatNorth OldhamNorth Oldham10:00 AMRO
4/24/2017MonFloyd CentralFloyd Central6:00 PMW 3-0
4/25/2017TueSenecaThurman Hutchins5:30 PMW 11-1
4/27/2017ThuTates CreekCAL5:30 PMW 9-3
4/29/2017SatCALCAL5:00 PMRO
4/29/2017SatHighlandsCAL2:30 PMRO
5/2/2017TueWaggenerWaggener5:00 PMW 16-0
5/4/2017ThuJeffersonvilleJeffersonville6:00 PMRO
5/5/2017FriSouth OldhamThurman Hutchins11:00 AMRO
5/6/2017SatLarue CountyLarue County11:00 AMRO
5/6/2017SatMeade CountyLarue County1:30 PMRO
5/8/2017MonCALThurman Hutchins5:30 PMW 3-2
5/9/2017TueManualDerby City Field630 PMW 11-0
5/12/2017FriCollinsBullitt East6:00 PMRO
5/13/2017SatNorth BullittBullitt East12:00 PMW 16-1
5/13/2017SatBullitt EastBullitt East2:00 PML 5-4
5/15/2017MonSayreThurman Hutchins6:30 PMW 10-4
5/17/17WedAustinAustin6:00 PMW 8-1
5/18/2017ThuBallardBallard7:15 PMW 9-3
5/19/2017FriHenry ClayHenry Clay6:30 PMW 6 - 3
5/22/2017MonWaggenerAtherton5:00 PMW 10-0
5/24/2017WedAthertonAtherton5:00 PMW 10-0
5/29/17MonMaleTHS11:00 AMW 2-0
5/31/17WedManualU of L7:30 PM
03/08/17WedShelby CountyThurman Hutchins7:30 PMW 10-0
03/10/17FriOldham CountyThurman Hutchins5:30 PMW 5-4
03/13/17MonManualManual5:30 PMW 4-0
03/14/17TueCollinsCollins5:30 PMCNC
03/16/17ThuMaleMale7:15 PML 5-9
03/21/17TueJ'TownJ'Town5:00 PMW 21-0
03/22/17WedNorth OldhamThurman Hutchins5:30 PMW 7-5
03/24/17FriPRPThurman Hutchins5:00 PMW 6-1
3/25/17Sat.Madison CentralMadison Central1:30 PMT 4-4
3/29/17Wed.Cuyahoga Valley ChristianThurman Hutchins7:30 PMW 12-0
4/4/17TueSt. XPRP7:00 PML 0-8
4/5/17WedOldham CountyPRP7:00 PML 1-3
4/6/17ThuSouth OldhamPRP11:00 AMW 12-0
4/6/17ThuLockportBallard3:00 PML 5-1
4/7/17FriButlerPRP1:00 PMT 4-4
4/10/2017MonBullitt EastThurman Hutchins5:00 PML 7-9
4/12/2017WedPRPPRP7:15 PMW 10-7
4/15/2017SatDeSalesThurman Hutchins12:30 PML 7-10
4/18/2017TueFloyd CentralFloyd Central5:30 PMW 8-2
4/22/2017SatSt. XST. X12:00 PMRO
4/22/2017SatSt. XSt. X2:00 PMRO
4/26/2017WedNorth OldhamNorth Oldham5:30 PMW 5-0
4/27/2017ThuDeSalesThurman Hutchins6:00 PMRO
4/29/2017SatManualThurman Hutchins11:00 AMRO
5/1/2017MonMaleThurman Hutchins5:00 PMRO
5/2/2017TueFloyd CentralThurman Hutchins5:30 PMW 11-1
5/3/2017WedMaleThurman Hutchins7:15 PMW 8-4
5/5/2017FriSouth OldhamSouth Oldham11:00 AMRO
5/8/2017MonPRPPRP7:30 PML 2-5
5/11/2017ThuBullitt EastBullitt East5:00 PMRO
5/12/2017FriOldham CountyOldham County7:30 PMW 3-2
5/18/2017ThuBallardBallard5:00 PML 0-2
5/20/2017SatSt. XThurman Hutchins2:00 PMW 8-4
5/20/2017SatSt. XThurman Hutchins4:00 PML 1-8
3/10/17FriCollinsCollins5:30 PMW 9-6
03/13/17MonManualManual7:45 PMCNC
03/15/17WedFern CreekThurman Hutchins5:00 PMCNC
03/16/17ThuMaleMale5:00 PML 2-5
03/18/17SatSt. XThurman Hutchins12:00 PMW 2-1
03/18/17SatSt. XThurman Hutchins2:00 PMW 4-2
03/22/17WedNorth OldhamThurman Hutchins7:30 PMW 5-4
03/24/17FriPRPThurman Hutchins7:00 PMW 13-3
3/25/17SatScott CountyThurman Hutchins11:00 AMW 13-3
3/25/17SatScott CountyThurman Hutchins12:30 PMW 12-3
3/29/17WedSouth OldhamSouth OldhamTBDL 2-3
03/30/17ThuDeSalesThurman Hutchins6:00 PMCNC
4/4/17TueManualPRP3:00 PMW 7-4
4/6/17ThuNorth OldhamPRP5:00 PMW 7-1
4/7/17FriButlerPRP5:00 PMW 4-2
4/10/2017MonBullitt EastThurman Hutchins7:00 PML 6-11
4/15/2017SatDeSalesThurman Hutchins10:00 AML 9-10
4/22/2017SatCollinsCollins12:00 PMRO
4/22/2017SatCollinsCollins2:00 PMRO
4/25/2017TueFloyd CentralFloyd Central5:30 PMW 2-1
4/26/2017WedBallardBallard5:00 PML 9-11
4/29/2017SatManualThurman Hutchins1:00 PMRO
5/2/2017TuesMaleThurman Hutchins7:15 PMW 7-2
5/3/2017WedFloyd CentralThurman Hutchins5:30 PMW 8-3
5/5/2017FriSouth OldhamSouth Oldham1:00 PMRO
5/8/2017MonPRPPRP5:00 PMW 11-2
5/10/2017WedDeSalesDeSales6:00 PMW 10-0
5/11/2017ThuBullitt EastBullitt East7:00 PMRO
5/13/2017SatScott CountyScott County11:00 AMW 3-1
5/16/2017TuesNorth OldhamThurman Hutchins5:30 PMW 14-7
5/18/2017ThuBallardThurman Hutchins5:00 PML 4-6
5/20/2017SatSt. XSt. X10:00 AMW 5-2
5/20/2017SatSt. XSt. X12:00 PML 7-6

Additional information can be found on the Trinity Baseball website

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